Early Demise masterminds a combination of brutally heavy grooves along with explosive speed metal guitar licks making for an aggressive sound--one that brings out the best in standard 80s thrash along with newer, more progressive off-time beats. Influences include Sepultura, Fear Factory, Slayer, Soilwork, Nevermore, Meshuggah, Iron Maiden, you get the idea.

Check out Early Demise's demos and home recordings on the right side of your screen. Once and for All and SoundSlave are from the band's February 2003 demo. Sonic Detonator was recorded on a 4-track in late 2002 and 5400GFYS (no real title yet) was recorded at P-Diddy's Playhouse in May 2003.

Once and for All guitar tab (txt)
Sonic Detonator bass tab (Word doc)

Equipment: ESP & Washburn guitars, Peavey 5150 (Brian), PODxt (Harry), Mesa Boogie cabinets, lots of pedals. Fuck drums and bass.

History repeats itself.
The so-called "Nu Metal" tidal wave slowly recedes its waters. Left in its wake remains a stable army of underground metal dedicated to creating aggressive rhythms suitable only for the few who seek more depth in the music they listen to.
We witnessed this same pattern of events in the 1980s. It did not stop true metal then and it will not stop it now.
Let the blinded masses brace themselves for an Early Demise.

chronological track list:

Carrying the Cross
The Book of Eternity
Early Demise
The Secret Weapon*
Other Fast Song
War Cry*
I Will Not (mp3 2MB)
Sonic Detonator (mp3 4.9MB)
 -Sonic Galactic Mix (mp3 4.9MB)
Once and for All (mp3 4.8MB)
Descent of the Serpent
Gate 5 scratch* (mp3 3.3MB)
Imagination of an Enemy*
Kings and Pawns (mp3 3.9MB)
Execution Solution**
Betrayal and Vengeance (mp3 4.2MB)
Doug's Song
Father Time
One Path Left (wav 42.8MB)
One Path Left (mp3 6.5MB)

**under construction