I have a chance with Selma Hayek.

The Latest 12/23/19 NEW!
Added a new track, One Path Left, featuring a guest lead by Kosta V...Apocalypse! See the music page.

Updated the Music page with four additional tracks. I Will Not and SoundSlave from our demo, War Cry, as well as a preproduction version of Recoil. Vodka.

Good-bye, Skipper! ED played its last show with Scott out in sizzling Brentwood yesterday. 107 degrees. We'll have pictures up soon. Thanks goes out to Scott for the three years of super tight drum-playing he's given us!! We'll be announcing our new drummer shortly. By the way, playing shows without alcohol is like kissing your sister.

Early Demise will be playing with Scott on drums for the last time this Saturday, July 23 at the Epidemic in Brentwood. It's gonna be tight, all ages and a wild young crowd. Get there early--ED's on at 7:00pm.

Once and For All is currently being rerecorded to be included on the band's next release.

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